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Stonearch Violet of MarveLoo

Violet is our seal point female from Stonearch cattery in California. Her father is 
Supreme Grand Champion Cloudcity Katsumoto and her mother is Stonearch Cora.




Former Queens


QGCA Blackfoot River Aravis of Archenland

Archenland is the friendly territory next to Narnia. This is our seal point beauty, and founding queen. Her father is Archenland Apollo of Blackfoot River, and her mother is Demeter Artemis of Blackfoot River. Aravis lives in Southern California. Aravis is Green Lane Sam's great-great-great granddaughter on her father's side. Green Lane Sam was born in 1964.



  Sandypoints Joy of MarveLoo
Our seal point female from Sandypoints cattery in Pennsylvania. Her father is 
Sandypoints Tallie Ho and her mother is Sandypoints Sa Fire La Mi Dori







Note: We do NOT Ship!
Kitten clients must first visit the cattery
and accompany their new kittens home!


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