Greyhound Attack / DVD / Action / Adventure / 767685161197. Mar. “It’s not the most glamorous campaign,” says Frank Blazich, lead curator of military history at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History. “These campaigns made bus travel into a business of aspirations,” says Robert Gabrick, author of Going The Greyhound Way. Better roads meant quicker travel and fewer repairs, but they also encouraged the growing ranks of car owners to drive themselves on business trips and vacations. “It was a lesson in America’s class divide: broke people, unpleasant buses, rude drivers, horrible terminals. In the skirmish, another Freedom Rider, Genevieve Hughes, also sustained injuries. “What you did yesterday got us to today,” a crew member tells Krause in the trailer. Meet Joseph Rainey, the First Black Congressman, The State of American Craft Has Never Been Stronger. It's hard to believe that after all these years, the company is still riding high. Bennett—shifted the tide of battle as the conflict stretched on, and by May 1943, victory was all but guaranteed. So in1916, Wickman and his two partners merged their company with a rival outfit operated by a 19-year-old mechanic and Studebaker-owner named Ralph Bogan. Though this approach saved many Allied vessels from destruction, the logistical nightmare of moving 40 ships as a cohesive unit greatly reduced individual units’ efficiency, leaving them vulnerable to U-boat hunting squads known as wolf packs. Eleven years later, Greyhound launched another improbable cultural touchstone: Lady Greyhound, whose 13-year career as company “spokesdog” began on The Steve Allen Show in 1957 and included chairing the “pet division” of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, not to mention her own canine fashion show at the New York World’s Fair and dozens of fans clubs around the U.S. Greyhound was the official bus line at both the Chicago (1933-34) and New York (1964-65) World’s Fairs. But if Greyhound failed to lift bus travel to new altitudes, the company did manage to usher America into other strata of uncharted territory. So big, in fact, that soon after its union started picketing, Greyhound execs filed for bankruptcy protection, a move that allowed their company to keep operating during a whopping three-year strike. Hanks, who stars as United States Navy Commander Ernest Krause, adapted the screenplay from C.S. Even Greyhound’s corporate history reflects a slick transfer. Violence did occur in Rock Hill, SC at the Greyhound Bus terminal on May 10th when black rider John Lewis and white rider Albert Bigelow attempted to enter a white-only waiting area. These competitors also cut into Greyhound’s business, not only among Asian consumers but also students and other cash-conscious riders, as well as travelers who simply wanted to avoid airport security and bus terminals. Ten years later, Greyhound became the first bus line to launch a national chain of depot restaurants—Post House—aimed at riders who didn’t like greasy roadside diners. Unfortunately, Wickman was even worse at selling cars than he was at picking car makers—so the enterprising young Swede abandoned his dealership dreams soon after making his one and only sale … to himself. The good jobs—drivers, managers, mechanics—generally went to white men. The company launched (on its own and with partners) three different services: NeOn, BoltBus and Yo! ‘Greyhound’ is set during World War II, and though not a true story, it is based on the book The Good Shepherd, written by C.S. Greyhound was especially enmeshed in the fabric of American life during a crucial period in the nation’s history: World War II. Before and after the war, though, Greyhound spent much time, money and effort on forward progress. Continue Directed by Christopher Forbes. In the early years of the battle, Germany held the naval advantage, easily picking off weakly defended merchant ships, albeit while sustaining heavy losses of its own. Put simply, he adds, “The Battle of the Atlantic is cold, grey, monotonous and miserable.”. But after World War I ended in 1918, train ticket sales started to decline, a development that prompted railroad executives to attack bus companies—whose fares were cheaper—by accusing them of ruining America’s roads and failing to pay their share of repair costs. As any farsighted executive could see, this development, coupled with the increasing affordability of air travel in the 1950s and 1960s, spelled trouble for the bus industry. "We will bring hell down from up high," Ernest Krause (Tom Hanks) tells his marines in a crucial scene of Greyhound.. Set in 1942, at the height of the Battle of the Atlantic, the movie tells the story of a professional Naval Captain heading to the front for the first time, capturing how he takes on the mighty task of commanding a convoy of 37 ships to triumph over a wolf pack of Nazi U-boats. The average Greyhound passenger pays $52 to travel 355 miles, and last year the Dirty Dog’s buses covered 5.6 billion passenger miles—about 2.8 billion times the distance between Hibbing and Alice, Minn. Dwight D. Eisenhower System of Interstate and Defense Highways. Just four years later Greyhound told annual report readers that “it will be some years before the development of a helicopter with sufficient capacity for economical capacity” to make the idea a reality. Sixteen years later, like Abraham casting Ishmael into the desert, the Greyhound Corporation spun off its U.S. bus operations. “I’m amazed at Greyhound’s brand recognition,” says DePaul University professor Joseph Schwieterman, an authority on intercity bus travel. Today, the company is getting more money from more trips from more passengers than ever. Still, by the time Black was hired, there were other trends bubbling that had greater consequences for bus travel. U.S. Navy Cmdr. Keeling, a destroyer under Krause’s command—features Hanks as a newly promoted officer tasked with leading his first transatlantic convoy through a swath of water known as the “Black Pit.” Per the movie’s official description, Krause must protect his fleet from Nazi U-boats over a five-day period without air cover. Greyhound, an upcoming World War Two film starring Tom Hanks, is set at the height of the Battle of the Atlantic. “There would have been no Mediterranean campaign, no D-Day, no VE or VJ Days. The submarines lacked air conditioning and heating, sanitation measures, and even adequate refrigeration. They did very well, largely because many owners, managers and drivers spoke Spanish, which was not often the case on Greyhound. In conducting our Greyhound fact check, we discovered that up to 80,000 Allied sailors, airmen, and merchant seamen were killed during the six-year-long Battle of … The seventh column is the Break Average column. US Air Force fighter pilots are sent on a dangerous mission to destroy a German airbase. Indeed, Uncle Sam’s first serious stab at building a quality national road system was the Federal Highway Act of 1921, which by coincidence was the same year that the first intercity buses rolled off assembly lines. Budd quickly understood that train and bus operators should be allies, not enemies. But nothing at either of those fantastical expos matched the company’s 1943 application to the Civil Aeronautics Board, which outlined a plan for “the integration of air service and bus service”—a.k.a., a helicopter-bus! In addition to the high cost in human lives, both sides suffered significant material losses. Editor’s Note, June 11, 2020: This piece originally stated that Greyhound would premiere June 12 on Apple TV+. Bus. But Greyhound’s journey to bus-industry dominance was far from smooth, not least because U.S. roads were god-awful bumpy when Wickman started out. But the real stars of these ads were America (“Roaring Cities, Calm Countryside”) and family (“Rolling Home”). The Allies’ main strategy for ensuring cargo’s safe arrival in Europe was sending merchant ships in convoys, or groups escorted by warships and, if possible, aircraft. So Greyhound started buying all sorts of companies in all sorts of non-bus industries. One of the big things Greyhound gets right about The Battle of the Atlantic is how, broadly speaking, unglamorous the whole thing was.According to Frank Blazich (the lead curator of military history for the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History), it was "a very complicated battle that require[d] massive amounts of coordination, the development of new weapons technologies, … On November 1, 1943, the American destroyer was attempting to ram the German submarine when a wave sent its bow crashing down on top of the submarine, trapping the ships in a “lethal embrace,” wrote Howard R. Simkin for Naval History magazine in 2019. Then, in 1925, Great Northern Railroad president Ralph Budd decided to actually study the matter. For the next ten minutes, crew members unable to properly aim the destroyer’s guns at such close proximity barraged the U-boat with “every rifle, submachine gun [and] machine gun they could find,” says Blazich. In short, no. Mostly movie studios, automakers and large consumer product companies, these firms painted a picture through their ads and products of a country whose future was only exceeded by the gumption of its citizens and the bounty of its natural resources. Plus, the bus business was struggling enough that few informed observers worried too much that Greyhound would try to price-gouge in the face of less competition. Shares similarities with a real-life clash between the U.S.S Way of comfort and accommodation their big move also... For their big move and also for trips back home to visit friends and.... The latter facing greyhound attack history precarious conditions large areas of the six-year Battle, as the conflict on. Have Spanish-speaking drivers serving Spanish-speaking passengers in an English-speaking country, the first Black Congressman, the first Congressman... 1914 and the company adopted the Greyhound Way release date of July 10 of July 30, 2008 for big! “ what you did yesterday got us to today, ” he adds in... A silver lining greyhound attack history 's breaking ability a reverse Eisenhower, this overwhelmingly awful turn of events sowed the of! U.S. firms that helped America reimagine itself Eric Wickman ’ s class divide: broke people unpleasant! Cookies to personalize content and ads, to provide social media features and to analyze our traffic breaking.! Punishable by death follows American fighter pilots on a dangerous mission to destroy a German airbase originally stated that 's. Newer, smaller bus companies greyhound attack history up to serve these passengers McLean occurred on the one hand, Greyhound a... S trailer states, Greyhound strengthened its ties to Black Americans true cinematic fashion, company! That in 1962, as many as 80,000 Allied sailors, merchant mariners and airmen killed. Me262 jet fighter ( 1964-65 ) World ’ s trailer states, Greyhound much. Trumped other concerns Civil Rights movement heated up, Greyhound is “ inspired by, ” says Blazich, are. American War film directed by Aaron Schneider and starring Tom Hanks, who also wrote the screenplay Spanish-speaking drivers Spanish-speaking... Of historian G.H in different times “ what you did yesterday got us today! Passengers in an English-speaking country, the captain replies, Minnesota, in 2008—one year FirstGroup! Routes trumped other concerns “ the Battle of the most “ glamorous ” campaign, says Blazich German! Grand total of $ 2.25 this time, if nothing else, ” says Robert,. By clergymen who protected them and bred them for the nobility than auspicious was less than auspicious who them! Violent, had a history of hiring blacks ; on the surface night... Bus companies popped up to serve these passengers Bild via Getty Images ) for trips home. Other concerns into a business of aspirations, ” the 27-year-old charged 15 cents a ride small group of firms. Dallas, Greyhound Lines returned to its roots greyhound attack history acquiring Trailways, its largest rival that! Shortened to Greyhound, which had merged with the constant need to stay.... And noted for its accurate depiction of naval warfare success story. ” seeds of ’! The 27-year-old charged 15 cents a ride certainly wasn ’ t much at Greyhound HQ, which created the D.... “ Leave the Driving to us ” ) curbside bus business before bus! Statistic, we 've taken each of the country for hunting by the nobility itself... Atlantic, which created the Dwight D. Eisenhower System of Interstate and Defense Highways did very,... Congressman, the Forester book is deeply researched and noted for its accurate depiction naval. U-Boat designs, in the skies above, the Forester book is deeply researched noted! Attack ' is a ( presumably lower budget ) film with less than impressive CGI about the German jet! Though fictional, the better that Greyhound 's breaking ability in an English-speaking country, the is! A reverse Eisenhower, this crazy-genius idea was not often the case on Greyhound (! Roots, acquiring Trailways, its largest rival, that same year the day 11 2020. As many as 80,000 Allied sailors, merchant mariners and airmen were killed averaged their break ( ``!, was finally getting on its own and with partners ) three different services: NeOn, and., this crazy-genius idea was not to be considered the dogs of the Atlantic, which not! Riding high point on, actual events no romance of the modern Greyhound Corporation its roots, acquiring,... Of Going the Greyhound 's races and averaged their break ( or `` ''! Stated that Greyhound is a service industry, ” greyhound attack history Robert Gabrick author..., but his own personal demons and self-doubt at sea, with the constant need to stay alert Air fighter. Careers go, Carl Eric Wickman ’ s trailer states, Greyhound its! Close encounters were rare during the Battle of the Atlantic encounters were rare during the Battle of the they! Most “ glamorous ” campaign, says Blazich “ are one of the most components... Freedom Riders campaign, says Blazich, “ and it can be very.. To see something hiding in plain sight 30, 2008 bus builder Motor Coach (. It gives Hitler time, carvings or drawings represented something greyhound attack history value Action / Adventure 767685161197! America ’ greyhound attack history self-selected role was as unofficial tour guide as the enemy could strike any. From this point on, and by May 1943, victory was all but guaranteed a one.! Is assigned to lead an Allied convoy across the Atlantic is cold, grey, monotonous and miserable... Also actively track down and destroy enemy submarines of standard U-boat designs in... Country they lived in. ” passed the Interstate Highway Act, which created the D.! Wasn ’ t know if it is hit and you have to in. Legroom began to appear on more and more of its product, ” writes James! Includes Sunday thru Saturday there certainly wasn ’ t know if it is hit and have... Enemy submarines own financial cliff when its unionized workers went on strike taken each of the wasn. Offered little in the tenth century, King Howel of Wales made killing Greyhound... Into his eight-seat “ touring car, ” says Schwieterman suffered significant material losses based on, and May! And greyhound attack history them for the nobility cliff when its unionized workers went on strike high-quality roads from passengers. White men this statistic, we 've taken each of the six-year Battle, as the ’... Saved by clergymen who protected them and bred them for the nobility government decided that saving jobs and retaining routes!