the children clinging to the jap person represents the same meaning as the babies. The babies are seen smiling widely. The babies carried by the kempeitai were holding on to Japan’s flag, smiling happily, which suggests that they support the Japanese and were not against the Japanese. This special report tells the stories of … I can infer from this source that the Japanese relationship with the people are very close. This shows that the Japanese had established close relationships with the people as he can be seen taking care of babies from all races and no one would do the job of babysitting unless they were hired or they were extremely close to them. All of the children regardless of being carried by the Kempeitai are smiling happily and widely. Occasional literature of Shakespeare’s time referred to a “race of saints” or “a race of bishops.” Another 2 babies are also hugging his leg. insufficient evidence quoted? The author is trying to influence the anti-Japanese people that even children can show their support to the Japanese, there is no reason why adults should hate them. This can be seen from the happy babies, who are of different races, who are clinging and being carried by what it looks to be a man who is wearing a Kempetai Uniform. Different races of people were judged and grouped based on their race. have you described every relevant detail in the source? the fact that the babies are carrying flags that belongs to the jap’s nation shows that they somehow support the person’s country and has a close relationship with them . second part on why — needs a little improvement. The babies seem to be very happy to be held by a Kempetai. In order to illustrate the everyday reality, visitors to the museum are arbitrarily classified as either white or non-white. SHOULD YOU INCLUE ‘DESPITE ALL THE HORRID THINGS THEY HAVE DONE.’?! In the Apartheid state of South Africa (1949-1994), your racial classification was everything. This shows that the Japanese relationship with the people is so close that there is close physical contact, leaving no space between the kempeitai and the babies. Detroit Race Riot. Other than that, there are two more babies of different race holding onto the Kempetai leg and one of them have a Japan flag on its hand. also, why do you think such a source was created? Indeed, the Germans who immigrated during this time were identified as part of the American race … Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. This can be seen from the source, with a Kempeitai, who is thought to be cruel, and scary, interacting with the children, who are not expected to be smiling, but thought to be crying and scared of the Kempeitai. ( Log Out /  Hence, I can infer that the Japanese had a very close relationship with the people. On 9 December, Japanese warplanes began the first air raids on Penang Island. the babies represent the people and the action of carryining the babies show that there is mutual trust between the parties. The Peking Man remains were found in China between 1927 and 1937 by a number of Western and Chinese scientists. hmmm…. There is also 2 children clinging onto the Kempeitai’s legs. The fact that the babies waving the Japanese flag and has the Japanese flag on the sleeve of his shirt shows that they are supportive of the Japanese rule. The source was created by the Japanese, was to convince the non-Japanese to accept the Japanese. Religion took over from occupation in 1776 after the Irish started to immigrate. This can be seen from for toddler with different dress and skin colour being either carried by a kempeitai or hugging him. Germany — … all children with the jap person are smiling genuinely as this probably let me infer that they were happy with the jap guy and they have a close bond.