It's true that there might be some bumps on the road, but given that there is pandemic, I know that they are doing and trying their very best to reach their customer's satisfaction. Because of this, it is hard to overlook. They always reply within a day, but are in all cases I've been in contact with them unable to help due to "policies" that is not stated on their website. Customer service is always friendly and helpful. Search, view, buy, pay, and ship all through the app. Everything was well explained, the item arrived at the warehouse very quickly, all the shipping information was easy to understand and the price was great, I'll definitelly use buyee more times! Buyee Review. The service fees are reasonable and they give you promotional coupons from time to time, it’s nice. buyee review, Buyee has a consumer rating of 4.04 stars from 230 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. I recommend all buyers to use Buyee services. You've already flagged this Advertisement. As they mention on their website, they do not offer any refund on this service if you're not satisfied. Really bad experience, buying in bulk is not good, because either you ship everything or nothing, forced to take DHL instead of the cheaper Japan post option.It would had helped to separate them in smaller packages to be able to be sent by Japan post instead and save a lot of money.I will be looking for another Proxy buying service now. Especially the customer service officers, very courteous and helpful at all times! We are sure that you will not regret it! Yahoo! Delivery was on time. To sum up: it is really great to purchase items on Buyee, especially the japanese ones, which are difficult to find on any other shopping websites. There is many shipping options and items are always well packaged ! I've placed 34 separate orders via Mercari/Buyee. Mercari Reviews. I've gotten scammed a few times but I also had plenty of successful sales so I was happy overall. The majority of times everything was very smooth. 6 reviews for Buyee, 4.0 stars: 'I really enjoy using Buyee, there is a lot of choice from different stores and categories. Good tracking process with updates all the way through your order. Thats so … Very easy to use and they often have useful coupons. © 2021 Trustpilot, Inc. All rights reserved. Overall, it is recommended to buy from buyee only if you have items you want from a particular store that cannot be bought unless you are in Japan. Item prices are not so expensive, and there are frequently new coupons available to use. I am very satisfied ! Clear All. This adds the item to a list of "Likes" you can reference later. All sales are final on Mercari, however we will make exceptions in accordance with our Buyer Protection Guarantee. 1,197 reviews for Mercari, 1.5 stars: 'I attempted to make a purchase from Various shipping methods - it is another thing I really like about Buyee, because each customer can choose a method that's the most reasonable for them. Buyee has collected 463 reviews with an average score of 4.30. Although you get your items, buyee has many hidden fees if you buy from different shops and ship them together. I’ve used Buyee a lot of times and never had any problems with them. Reply. If you can use their service without contacting customer support they work nicely as they have a built-in sniping function and direct connection for PayPal payment. Have been a long time user of shopee and i would say they have never failed me. I surely will keep buying photo cards from buyee. Reply. I RECOMMEND BUYEE. With countless items on sale from many individual sellers, you are guaranteed to find the Japanese items you’ve been dreaming of! With this one app, you can make purchases from Japanese online stores and auction sites. They are very responsive and helpful. 4 hilarious items introduced by famous Japanese youtubers. We pledge to make buying from Japanese sellers not only possible, but also a … This is great !! Fast and qyick purchase orders usually within the business day. NEVER AGAIN. Sign up and get a 2000Yen/$20 coupon for your first order! Share. 3 G-Shock Models That Appeared in Hit Movies! Also, some of the amazon jp shop unable to ship oversea, I am able to use buyee as proxy to purchase. Service 11 Buyee has collected 463 reviews with an average score of 4.30. A lot of used brand products are available for purchase, and not just from Japanese fashion. Buyee makes buying from online Japanese stores easier than ever! I never was dissapointed. Thank you Buyee! I bought a plushie on Mercari through Buyee's international service which otherwise would have been impossible as Mercari does not support purchases from international customers. Unfortunately, Mercari was not highly rated on these platforms. Their promotions are good and make the service more worth it, but sometimes don’t work the way you would expect. thank you to those who watched ☺️ socials ~ twt: @jeonpup tiktok: @jeonpup_ Mercari, Your Top Spot for Japanese Goods, Product Category: Toys, Hobbies and Goods. When I learned that you could shop for Japanese toys on Mercari, I became a little sad because I couldn’t buy them from Taiwan yet. Clare Barnett 2 reviews. The seller was helpful. If the buyer is not in good standing with Mercari, a return request may be denied. Great Experience on Mercari Using Buyee The website is automatically translated to English, which makes it easy to shop on Mercari. Buyee helped me a lot in business, with a user-friendly system and good customer service. To help show you how satisfying the shopping process on Mercari can be, we will show off several real reviews of Mercari products from customers who have shopped on Mercari in the past. Consolidation, buying, shipping, etc. Many ways of finding out quotatuons of orders with breakdown estimates for shipping and sizing of orders. Read 3 more reviews about Buyee Only the latest review will count in the company's TrustScore Jennie Cát-Linh Le 1 review. I am satisfied with their service. Buyee did a great jobbut very very expensive its not buyees fault ( customs are expensive and shipping overseas is expensive when the parcel is heavy ). I've again contact customer support on this, but they were unable to help/understand the problem. The item in question was missing a small cable which is required for operation of the item and I would take it that a seller either had lost the cable or he/she might have forgotten to mention it in the auction. JAPAN Auction and recently with Mercari. In my experience Buyee seems to do what is in their power to avoid contacting sellers and ONLY offers translation service on the listed auction.Other times I've had auction bids cancelled without explanation and customer service mentioning an arbitrary policy without much detail.Their photo service is a joke. The item showed "fee shipping" in blinking text. For instance I've asked customer service if they could contact a seller of an auction that sold a computer item. Coupons cannot be exchanged for cash. 6 reviews for Buyee, 4.0 stars: “I have complained repeately about the "Lite Plan" should be set as default to avoid the system mistickenly set back the bidding to "Standard Plan", and therefore cost more fees than necessary as a result. Useful. The fees are expensive and plenty. Once you read how the proxy service works it's clear to understand and goes smoothly! They also allow shipping with Registered Small Package(AIR) which other Japanese proxy services does not offer. You can "Like" items and get notified when prices drop. I have always received my items in great conditions and they don't take long. The cost is greater than other shopping services, especially the cost to consolidate packages. Good tracking process with updates all the way through your order. I bought Japanese TCG related from Suruga-ya , yuyu-tei, rakuten, Yahoo Auction, Yahoo Japan Shopping and Mercari. Many complaints accounted for the relatively poor rating. I prefer to buy when I can stack the service fee discount and a 3,000 coupon towards international shipping. Read 1 more review about Buyee Then I was told that my account was pending termination and I should complete my current sales and withdraw my funds. I love using Buyee! Highly recommend using buyee! JAPAN Auction and recently with Mercari. Share. When I placed an order there was a $4.25 shipping charge. He then refused to sell to me or accept text messages. Click the button below to start your own Mercari shopping experience today! Buyee will purchase Mercari products for foreign users in proxy, have it sent to Buyee’s domestic warehouse where it will be examined and re-packaged for international shipping. Buyee is definitely one of my favourite websites, where You can purchase many unique japanese items. Share. HOWEVER, the price for combining package and buyee service fees are extra payment which would make overall purchase expensive. Even though You need to pay some additional fees, it is still worth it to purchase items using this website. The only downside is that there are a lot of fees and it can get a bit expensive compared to other Japanese proxy. Use the service to purchase korean idol goods. Great system for any trader just starting a business. The best way to buy in Japan on Yahoo, Mercari and other sites Useful. I'm also very satisified when it comes to the Customer Service - whenever I have some questions or issues, they always respond very quickly and are very helpful. I RECOMMEND BUYEE. You can find a lot of items with cheaper price, limited edition items,… The customer support is really great and they always answer quickly ! Decent. For example, at the time of writing this review, in Trustpilot, Mercari had an average rating of 1.9 out of 5; and in Sitejabber, it had an average rating of 1.6 out of 5. I have been really happy with both the items and services. Yes, I discovered Buyee/Mercari last fall and have been shopping pretty regularly since. Mercari Special FREE Buyee Service Fee - Buyee. In my opinion, the best advantages of Buyee are: low fees, several possible shipping options and good contact with the buyer service. Throught this page I can freelly buy things from Japan. I really like Buyee Service. Their customer service has been great :) I would recommend using Buyee if you need to buy things from Japan. They do not care about the consumer. The best way to buy in Japan on Yahoo, Mercari and other sites, Good communication and kindly customer service.Will shop again. I really like that I can have few parcels in storage and ship them all together in one box. Buyee offers Japan Mercari services…. Search job titles. They are easy to buy even if you don’t understand Japanese! This was a used item and the inner packaging was clearly not part of the original product packaging (like a shoe box). Enables you to buy all Japanese merchandise! The most glaring is customer service. Daniel G 9 reviews. In my case they only provided photos of the item without the outer packaging. A bit expensive but very fast and reliable, Terrible and rude customer service. It can be difficult to navigate and tedious to start new searches. You've already flagged this Read 3 more reviews about Buyee Only the latest review will count in the company's TrustScore ... Read 2 more reviews about Buyee Only the latest review will count in the company's TrustScore Yongje Sohn 1 review. Love using Buyee and have used it to buy Kpop and anime merchandise for cheaper than other sites! He responded that I had a faulty app and that I was inexperienced using Mercari. Basically if you have a PayPal account in any other currency than USD you will be charged in conversion from your local currency to USD and then again to JPY.So be aware of these issues. Nice range. Terrible and rude customer service.I opened an account with Buyee not long ago and I was very pleased with the service, until I had an issue with a lost parcel and I contacted their customer service...Terrible condescending replies that were not helpful at all and basically were telling me they gave me permission to deal with the situation myself and if they could "help me" with anything else to please message them again, I explained to them several times all I wanted was for them to send an email to the Japanese post office to start an inquiry to locate my parcel and gave them literal instructions and all the details of my situation over and over to be replied time and again the same kind of condescending speeches telling me to please ask my local post office and that they gave me permission to do so...The representatives that gave me such replies were called Christian S. and Ann D. I doubt those are even real names, obviously but despite telling them my country's post office had no recollection of the parcel and it had to be done on the Japanese side they kept ignoring my requests...I have made several purchases some of them of around 700 euros in a single parcel and the specific parcel that got lost was worth 80 euros, but you can be certain as soon as my last parcel is shipped out I'm closing my account and using a different proxy...NEVER AGAIN!Save yourself the frustration and the loss of money use a different service, I'm embarrassed to admit I even fell into their trap and left a positive review after my first purchase in exchange for a 500 yen discount coupon, I should've known better. There are 569 customers that Buyee, rating them as excellent. The promotion would be more user-friendly if anybody who made a qualifying purchase in the period would automatically get the coupon. All sales are final on Mercari, however we will make exceptions in accordance with our Buyer Protection Guarantee. Recommend without reservation. I've been selling on Mercari for a very long time and used to love the platform. Useful. If you can not sell on Amazon,Bonanza,Ebay,Walmart or eCTRATER, this is where you sell your useless merchandise, clearly a SELLER'S market. I recommend all buyers to use Buyee services. You've already flagged this Read 1 more review about Buyee Only the latest review will count in the company's TrustScore Advertisement. I always use Buyee to buy cute stuff from Japan! Updated Jan 12, 2021. I was able to buy items I couldn’t find. I'm sharing my first ever Buyee haul! FIND ALL KINDS OF YOUR DESIRED JAPANESE PRODUCTS HERE! Buyee is easy to use and they often have useful coupons. Thank you. Buyee offers Japan Mercari services where no other site does. I use Buyee to buy items on Mercari. All Popular Shopping Sites in Japan are Available! The web pages are easy to understand, and the time from ordering to shipping is quick. Buyee is a great proxy ! You can apply the coupon up to 99 times. While the fees can add up, you are able to track your package every step of the way. An item listed for 1,500 yen on Mercari can easily become 2000-3000 yen from the service fee + the plan. Share. I atleast had hope that they would deliver according to their example photos.Other negatives is that due to their PayPal setup charge you conversion fees twice. Of course I know that Buyee cannot control how sellers list their items, but I do not understand how that makes them unable to inquire to clear up any plausible mistake. Mercari - Buyee I made a purchase on a mercari item and it was a great experience. Buyee has collected 661 reviews with an average score of 4.35. Quick response with alternative options for customer. The same excuses have been given on other inquiries to sellers. 5 Top Japanese Anime Figures: Hatsune Miku, One Piece, and More! Shopping and Auctions, Mercari, Rakuten, ZOZOTOWN, and many more famous Japanese shops are supported. I've always been able to find what I'm looking for even when looking for rare items. Thank you Buyee, I can collect items from my favourite artists ! I missed out on a coupon for 3,000 off of international shipping because even though I made my order well within the promotion period, the seller did not actually finalize my order in time, so I missed out on the coupon. KR. They have a very good service and the package arrives safe and well protected. The Mercari app is pretty easy to use. ... “ Finally able to purchase figures from yahoo jp and mercari. The cost is greater than other shopping services, … Coupons can only be used on Mercari items. Since the items are sold by individual sellers, you can purchase them at cheap prices. There are many antique toys and limited time items sold on Mercari. ES. Buyee is one of the few shopping services that works for mercari. Fast and qyick purchase orders usually within the business day. Search results are displayed as thumbnails with prices. I laready used this service few times. Thank you, Only the latest review will count in the company's TrustScore. Especially kpop stuff, thats its hard to find anywhere else, or has high price. There are 389 customers that Buyee, rating them as excellent. They are the best! Hence the 4stars. Everything you do, there is a fee. There are 389 customers that Buyee, rating them as excellent. I've ordered alot from Yahoo Auctions using Buyee the last couple of years, all items have been delivered with no problems, but I've learned through experience that Buyee has its flaws. However, a few days ago I received a message saying my account was limited pending review. I just don't want anyone to lose their money and or guitar. Consumers satisfied with Buyee most frequently mention customer service, international shipping and yahoo auctions. Bought multiple merch on mercari through Buyee and I am so happy, especially as the merch was something I was looking out for, for a long time.. Quick purchase, amazing responses to queries and superb service over all.. This is the worst internet selling corp. Highly recommend using buyee This was my first purchase from Mercari using Buyee service. Sign up and get a 2000Yen/$20 coupon for your first order! When you use the coupon, the Purchase fee will be free of charge. Useful. My packages always arrived without problems. One coupon will be issued per person. They mention in their FAQ/User guide with demo photos that a single item will get photos completely unpacked. Highly recommend using Buyee for purchases from Japan whether it is via Mercari or YAJ. Mercari is known as Japan’s largest flea market service. I was so excited to unbox my very first pc haul !! As a proxy service, it can be expensive, but the service I have received has been wonderful. When buying, please carefully review the listing description, item photos, and seller Rating; and ask the seller any questions you may have about the item prior to purchase. You can combine packages, selecting the shipping method, and handle fees … Have been using the service for a few months, and use fast shipping method as the preferred method since other options, while cheap often take longer than its estimation. It is very well known among idol fans! Buyee is easy to use and they often have useful coupons. Buyee (Auction Shop): 3.5 out of 5 stars from 109 genuine reviews on Australia's largest opinion site I would like Buyee to also enable quick purchase of Mercari items. 234 reviews for Buyee, 4.0 stars: 'I've used Buyee multiple times specifically to buy anime goods from Mercari Japan. I'm always satisfied with every purchase. About C2C marketplace app Mercari Mercari is a C2C marketplace app that has 14.5 million monthly users. I would like Buyee to also enable quick purchase of Mercari items. Buyee ranks 8th among Mail Forwarding sites. A buyer can request a return within 3 days of confirmed delivery if one or more of the following apply: The item is not as it was described in the listing The item is potentially counterfeit The item is Prohibited The item is damaged The item is defective The … I like to shop on mecari thanks to buyee. ... and the Addition of the Mercari marketpalce is very welcome. A little while after, I did a bit more research and found that I could order from Mercari overseas on Buyee! Cons. CODES (4 days ago) Coupons' validity period and the promotion period are the same. I use Buyee services to buy cards for my collection. Highly recommended! I tend to load up my shopping cart then keep an eye out for service fee coupons as well as seller price reductions. I have ordered three plush toys, the experience was good. Reply. I recommend!' “Buyee” Japan Shopping Service All transactions went smoothly. I have buy in Mercari through Buyee and is always so easy to search and find the stuff you are looking for, also the process is really easy to understand and they offer a lot of plan options and shipping methods. Buyee can be great as a proxy if you are considering to buy multiple items, however, the fees can become too expensive.