Supreme Grand Champion Alter Marveloo Archenland Harmony


Archenland/MarveLoo Cattery

Archenland works closely with MarveLoo Cattery (currently, they and their wonderful staff are doing the breeding and socializing, and we are providing the breeding cats and other types of support). MarveLoo is a veterinarian-owned cattery, breeding for health and temperament. Our cats came to us through the generosity of Sandypoints Cattery back in 2008.

MarveLoo Archenland Digory, is our current stud. The queen is Cloudcity Polly of MarveLoo.  MarveLoo Cattery is also a member of CFA and a registered European Burmese breeder under the CFA cattery name, “Marvee-lus.” 

For more information about the history of our cats, go to:

About Us | Sandypoints Cattery

Note: We do NOT Ship!

We thought you might enjoy seeing some of the happy faces at MarveLoo Cattery!

Baby Malee with his new mom

Marveloo newborn kitten

Baby Archenland Shasta of MarveeLoo with his new mom, Dr. Loo, back in 2008

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Marveloo newborn kitten

Baby Sushi with his new mom

Inquiries via email are welcome, as are questions via email about the cats, the cattery, and the Old-Style Siamese breed.

Please click on the Kittens and Cats Available/Terms link for the availability of kittens.

We will try to answer any further questions you may have. Keep in mind that although we would love to reply to your questions instantaneously, that is not always possible due to the high volume of inquiries. We are small hobby breeders who have lives and jobs just like everyone else (as well as cats to take care of). This is not a business or a financial endeavor; this is a labor of love to ensure the continuation of the old-style Siamese. We want to make it possible for people who love this breed to continue to be able to find a new kitten when the need arises. We ask for your patience.